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Manual Parking Lock Wheel Lock
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  1. Car tire lock: Special feature, adjustable fit.
  2. Made of high grade steel finished with special rust-proof & water-proof coating.
  3. Soft, coated arms will not mar or scratch wheels and rims.
  4. Bright yellow color is highly visible.
  5. Weather-resistant hardened steel construction resists cutting, saving, packing, drilling and freezing.
  6. Easy to use install and remove in seconds.
  7. Lock is recessed into handle for greater security
  8. Includes cone-style lug not locks designed to be permanently mounted on wheel.
  9. Heavy-Duty plastic covers to protect rims
  10. With a big circle plating, Can cover the wheel bolt.
  11. Can be adjusted to fit 7 to 10 inch width (about from 160mm to 265mm) tires.

Application Range: Lorry, off-road Vehicle, SUV, Minibus, MPV, Jeep, All kinds of Cars, Motorcycle


Code: MN-WL01

Material: Metal

Size: 485x(160-265)mm